Starting Over x & WTF Am I Doing With My Life? x

10:44 AM

Hey beautiful people!

Soo....I know it has been quite some time since I blogged. Lo siento mis amors. However I am really hoping I can stay committed to blogging at least once a week. I don't think that's too much to ask. I want to kind of switch gears as to what I've posted in the past. A lot of what I blogged about before was B.S. Some posts were interesting but there are SO many blogs out there talking about celebrities I don't need to be another one of those blogs. It doesn't add any value to your life and I have been all about productive content lately. I think in the long run people will be more appreciative of it. Don't get me wrong I'll come at you with some juice if need be. But for the most part it will be [curly] hair related, sharing ideas, wtf I am doing with my life (baby steps y'all), health/fitness (which mine is in need of improvement) over all cool-feel-good stuff. So basically all of the good sh!t I was posting before without the bad so it will be a lot less saturated ;) You're welcome. I have been missing blogging and been wanting to get back into it but not really sure how. I wanted to come back to this with a clearer vision. Now, of course that vision could always change down the road but at least now there is a li'l mo' direction. I feel like before my sh!t was all over the place and WTF! AmIRight?! (PS- I feel like 'am I right' goes all together like one word, ya know?! sorry, I'm one of those jumping off topic people) ANYwho this was just my introductory blog back into that weird?! Welp, just saying what's up, I am alive and well and hoping to be all up on yo' screens! Check back I'll be posting more...I'm not sure what to start with... Are there any hair questions you guys have? I do have some product reviews that I'll be adding. Although before I post those, I really want to have had a good amount of time using the product so I can give an accurate review.
Feel free to email me with any questions, suggestions, things you want to know or want me to try, things you think should be talked about..I'm pretty open. If you'd like to join me on my blog and think you can add some great content- message me! I'd love to collab even if just once!

My email:
instagram: @desireedoesmyhair (biz)- as far as my personal IG account I'm not sure which I want to share (I know, I'm weird like that and I have like a hundred accounts, sorry! >_<)

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